Fire Protection Engineering Office

Markku Kauriala Oy

This design office reduced their daily working hours to 1.5

Engineering Office Markku Kauriala Oy is a consulting and design office specialising in fireproofing and safety design. The business has been using Dotag since 2021 by at least three users.

fire and security doors

Saajos Oy

This door manufacturer no longer needs to deliver paper drawings anywhere

Saajos Oy is a Finnish designer and manufacturer of demanding fire and security doors for industrial, construction, and shipyard applications. The shared story of Saajos Oy and Dotag started at a trade fair in 2019.

penetration and firestop products

Sewatek Oy

Sewatek Oy has been developing and manufacturing various penetration and firestop products since 1989. Sewatek joined forces with Dotag as a supplier and added all of their products manufactured in Finland into Dotag.

Ship interior outfitter

NIT Naval Interior Team Ltd

NIT Naval Interior Team Ltd, implementing the most inspiring and innovative contents on the best ships in the world, has used Dotag in two of their projects so far.

Dotag has been used for the inspection, documentation, change management, and error documentation of HVAC jobs, accounting for As-Built software.


Rakennustoimisto Albi Oy

“All our foremen and engineers use Dotag instead of pen, paper and picture taking manually. Dotag allows us very fast and automated reporting straight from worksite with mobile device.”


Caupo Group Oy

Caupo Group Oy is a developer and manufacturer of construction supplies, fire stop products, and chemicals for professional use

fire safety and property security

KT Paloturvapalvelut Oy

When Dotag greatly boosts operations

The Finnish family enterprise KT Paloturvapalvelut that operates in the fire safety and property security business has been using Dotag since February 2022.