This door manufacturer no longer needs to deliver paper drawings anywhere

Saajos Oy is a Finnish designer and manufacturer of demanding fire and security doors for industrial, construction, and shipyard applications.

The shared story of Saajos Oy and Dotag started at a trade fair in 2019. Saajos had already been planning to adopt electronic documentation but had not yet found the right solution. Their roads intersected by chance, and choosing Dotag for a trial was obvious. This story has continued successfully ever since.

The use of Dotag in Saajos projects begins on the mobile devices of their installation managers who carry out measurement reporting at the construction sites of new projects.

– The best thing about Dotag is that it is always with you on your mobile device! If an installation manager receives a task to complete in the middle of the day, they can take all measurements immediately in an electronic format. And when all plans are uploaded into Dotag already at the office, there is no need to move paper around anywhere. This saves plenty of time, says Saajos Oy production design supervisor Tomi Färm.

At Saajos, two designers clear the reports on office desktop computers. According to Färm, office working hours have been reduced, as they no longer need to deal with worksite drawings and plans on paper.

– There is no need for anyone to transcribe any papers in an electronic format. This also means that there is no need to interpret the notes and handwriting of other people. And, if the project is urgent, we can use the measurements and pictures immediately without having to first wait for the measurement taker and their papers to arrive back at the office.

No pain with paper on site

Dotag creates significant benefits for Saajos, as worksite photos and their written notes can be imported directly into the software in a targeted manner.

Six to seven Saajos installers use the Dotag documentation feature in the installation stage. Quality assurance can be completed at the same time in writing and with pictures. Dotag is in use at Saajos several times per week at various installation stages.

– There is no hassle with large paper sheets at the worksite anymore, as Dotag is on your mobile and works in any conditions, ignoring wind and rain.

Dotag does not require an internet connection but works in offline mode just as well and saves the data when a network connection is re-established. At worksites, Saajos uses Dotag on both smartphones and tablets.

– For installers, Dotag works just fine on a smartphone. And it can be used even underground in offline mode as needed, and the data are uploaded into the software when the device goes online again, Färm explains.

The ease of use and good level of support for Dotag are liked among Saajos users

– We have been happy with the ongoing development of Dotag. Software updates have been free of issues, and we have no complaints about those. Overall, there have been very few issues with using the software, thanks to good training programmes. If I think back really hard, I can think of a few times when we needed support, but even then Dotag has been able to provide a solution right away. We are happy and will continue using the software.

– After having used Dotag for a while, we put together some ideas for useful worksite features and sent those to Dotag. We were very surprised to find those features implemented with the next update! Dotag had clearly listened to our wishes, Färm concludes.

About Saajos Oy

Established in 1949, Saajos Oy is a Finnish fire and safety door specialist that designs and implements fire door solutions for even the most demanding applications, including luxury cruise ships, power plants, hotels, and shopping centres all over the world. The companies in the Saajos group create a multi-skill team that serves the construction industry around the Baltic Sea region, industrial customers in Northern Europe, and the shipbuilding industry worldwide. Safety, and fireproofing in particular, has been a part of Saajos operations ever since the beginning.

Ensuring the success of their customers is the most important foundational value of Saajos. Their operations are based in customer-focused long-term development, technological know-how, and the ability to listen to customers. Their service-oriented sales personnel, skilled design services, and finely tuned production ensure order turnaround “The Way You Want”. Active product development, persistence, and seamless cooperation with employees, customers, and other stakeholders are the pillars on which the success of Saajos as a fire door expert rests now and in the future.