This design office reduced their daily working hours to 1.5

Engineering Office Markku Kauriala Oy is a consulting and design office specialising in fireproofing and safety design.

The business has been using Dotag since 2021 by at least three users.

Kauriala employees use Dotag on their mobile devices at sites where firestop and fire door documentation and fire technical inspection and control tasks are completed.

After site documentation, Kauriala uses Dotag for the making of plans and reports on their office desktop computers. When this work begins, all data and photos can be easily incorporated into the floor plan directly. This leaves less to be memorised, and all location data is automatically accounted for.

A clear reduction of labour

– Making reports at the office is now clearly faster, where a job that could previously take a full day is now completed in 1 to 1.5 hours using Dotag, says Kauriala fire safety designer, M.Sc. (Eng.) Ville Ahvenainen.

– The most convenient thing is that you can just take a photo on site, write a text, and place these into the floor plan. There is no need for paper notes or records. Dotag has combined previously separate notes and site visit photos into a single package.

At Kauriala, Dotag is being mainly used on tablets. According to Ahvenainen, it has almost completely replaced pen and paper.

– When on site, Dotag is almost always used in the offline mode, because you often have to go to basements where the internet connection breaks. When the device goes online again, all data are loaded into the software quickly, and no technical problems have been encountered.

Comprehensive training with Dotag

– We have required very little technical support because the software has worked flawlessly. We have had to ask the Dotag support for some advice, and assistance has always been provided. The training organised in the early stages was sufficiently comprehensive for using Dotag efficiently, and we have gotten far on that alone. When there have been personnel changes, we have been able to train new Dotag users on our own. Dotag is easy to use and learn.

– Our enterprise invests in the quality and skilled use of information technology. Dotag’s professional reports reinforce our image as a digital pioneer among our customers and partners, Ahvenainen summarises.

About the enterprise

Fire Protection Engineering Office Markku Kauriala Oy is established in 1990. The enterprise was a pioneer in introducing fire safety planning in Finland in the early 1990s.

The enterprise employs specialists of all areas of fire safety planning and design, all of whom have access to the best possible tools.

The enterprise employs 26 persons in Turku, Espoo, and Tampere. Its main operational area includes Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and China, but it also operates in Great Britain, France, Germany, Malesia, Malta, and South America.

In addition to all functions relating to the prevention of fire damages, the enterprise also provides full consultation and design services. This covers buildings for all purposes, including private houses and production facilities, overground and underground infrastructure sites, ships, and other vehicles.