Communication between departments is now better than before

NIT Naval Interior Team Ltd, implementing the most inspiring and innovative contents on the best ships in the world, has used Dotag in two of their projects so far.

The use started with the reception inspections of block outfitting jobs but has now been extended to other projects as well. More specifically, Dotag has been used for the inspection, documentation, change management, and error documentation of HVAC jobs, accounting for As-Built software.

Change management under control

– Dotag has been useful in organising large quantities of data. It keeps change management under control and allows quick reactions to changes or deviations, says NIT Director of Design & Engineering Juhani Määttänen.

– More than anything, our internal operations have become more efficient, and Dotag has improved inter-department communications with documentation. For example, messages between installation and design move better now that notes in the software are targeted at their specific locations.

Usability on many terminals is a liked feature

NIT has been using Dotag on tablets and smartphones. According to user feedback, smartphones are actually the most used devices with Dotag. As the software works well even on the smallest of portable devices, Dotag has been used a lot in every situation.

– Our entire staff has grasped the use of the software quickly after training. The feedback emphasises the low threshold of starting to use Dotag.

– When reports are completed, they are run out on office desktop computers. This saves time that we used to spend on paperwork, drawing, and compiling. Extra writing and data processing can now be left out, Määttänen summarises.

Functional service

According to Määttänen, the Dotag customer service has been well liked at NIT.

– If we have had any minor needs, Dotag has responded and reacted quickly. All of our wishes have been taken into account and implemented. I appreciate it that Dotag’s Aki has been personally active in asking for feedback.

– Based on our user experience, Dotag seems excellently suited for shipbuilding. The development team’s shipbuilding background can be clearly seen in the development.

About Naval Interior Team Ltd

NIT or Naval Interior Team Ltd is a marine industry enterprise located in Kaarina, Southwest Finland. NIT provides customised and demanding turnkey deliveries, such as spas, restaurants, and technical rooms, for car ferries and luxury cruise ships all over the world.

NIT was founded in 2000 and is currently growing strongly internationally, as can be attested for example by the “Southwest Finland’s Growth Enterprise of the Year 2016” award granted by Kauppalehti business newspaper.