The only domestic solution for this supplier

Sewatek Oy has been developing and manufacturing various penetration and firestop products since 1989.

Sewatek joined forces with Dotag as a supplier and added all of their products manufactured in Finland into Dotag.

– I have heard from our customers that Dotag has been easy and convenient to use.
This is why we decided to get onboard, says Sewatek Sales Manager Ilkka Hemminki.

Product neutrality is an important value for Sewatek

– Some suppliers only provide their dedicated closed systems without opening their platforms to others. We value openness more. It was nice to find a domestic product neutral alternative, Hemminki says.

It is important for Sewatek to be able to inform their customers that their products can be documented by using a domestic tool. According to Hemminki, this has turned out to provide important added value for sales.

– Dotag is a respected and safe Finnish choice, meaning that we don’t have to go international and rely on something that may or may not work. It is useful for us to be able to recommend Dotag and thus assist our customers during the sales process.

Dotag keeping up with development

When there is a need to document and describe installation stages, Hemminki thinks that Dotag is a bullseye solution. It meets the needs of contemporary business, where the importance of documentation has grown and customers require it.

– Dotag has allowed us to understand what is going on in the field of documentation. It has also kept us up to date with the general trends of the industry. Aki Vänskä and Dotag seem to understand the needs of the field as well as software development. Aki has been able to make Dotag very usable, and he is also very familiar with the firestop industry.

– It has been easy to communicate with Dotag, our partnership has been close and smooth, and the pricing is right for the end user, Hemminki concludes.

About Sewatek Oy

Finnish Sewatek Oy makes various prefabricated penetrations and other firestop products for building services. Sewatek has more than 30 years of experience in the firestop needs of the construction industry.

In the 2000s, Sewatek has focused exclusively on firestop products. Specialisation has generated a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of the industry. Their product range includes their own Sewatek® products and inter-company products that supplement the range. Sewatek can meet most construction industry fire compartment penetration needs, and their range is continuously growing and improving.