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“It is important for Sewatek to be able to inform their customers that their products can be documented by using a domestic tool. According to Hemminki, this has turned out to provide important added value for sales. Dotag is a respected and safe Finnish choice, meaning that we don’t have to go international and rely on something that may or may not work. It is useful for us to be able to recommend Dotag and thus assist our customers during the sales process.”

Sewatek Sales Manager Ilkka Hemminki

DOTAG vs Tradional model

Step 1.

Before you first worksite visit. Create project in Dotag Manager. Add your layout and publish your project to Mobile Device.

Step 2.

Use Dotag Mobile to make your worksite markings offline, then sync your markings to your project after you are done (or when you have online connection).

Step 3.

Manage and report. Manage your worksite marking in Dotag Manager and report when ever you like.

Collect information from worksite with mobile.

Works offline (no need for online, before you are done).

Create and Download reports when ever you want.

Manage your worksite markings on Dotag Manager.

Main Features

Mobile documentation

(Dotag Mobile)


Multipage PDF view offline
Camera tool
Album tool
Measure tool
Marking tool
Note tool
Checkbox tool
Synched to SaaS (Dotag Manager)
Sending report

For Office condititions

(Dotag Manager)


Create projects
User management
Add layouts and folders to your project
Make reports when ever you like
Create your company marking tools (to your company spesific needs)

We Promise

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Dotag decreases the irritation caused by unnecessary work by 90%
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Eliminates human errors
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Saved per worksite visit

For Who

industry-1 dotag

Inspectors, supervisors 

industry-2 dotag
Construction industry
industry-3 dotag
industry-4 dotag
Fire safety
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