Finally, software that even installers like

Caupo Group Oy is a developer and manufacturer of construction supplies, firestop products, and chemicals for professional use

The shared journey of Dotag and Caupo began in 2015-2016 with mutual application development. Caupo wanted to get involved in the development and to create software that was as easy as possible from the perspective of installers and intended for the documentation of firestops.

– We wanted to make software that was easy for installers, and that’s what we got!

The software has come a long way since, says Sales Director Jarmo Palviainen of Caupo Group Oy.

– Too often, software is made to only run on office desktop computers and by foremen and managers, but ease of use is forgotten for installers. Dotag is a package that even busy installers can and want to use! The installer’s perspective is not realised quite as well in any other competing software. Even so, it is also the favourite among foremen and managers.

Dotag can be used for electronic documentation of all kinds

Dotag creates the most added value for Caupo customers when firestop sites are documented electronically right on the spot and viewed remotely thereafter.

– Supervisors, controllers, or customers can see for example the details of the firestops in their floor plans and reports. This is fool-proof and efficient. Electronic documentation is very important nowadays, and, when Dotag is used efficiently, what is left inside structures can be seen afterwards. There is no need to explain details or locations individually as the floor plan with location data includes pictures as well, Palviainen summarises.

These days the significant public commissioners of construction projects, such as cities and municipalities, actually demand electronic documentation. Palviainen emphasises that Dotag is a must-have for their customers if they want to get involved in such large-scale projects.

– The approval paperwork for all equipment and materials that we represent is already included in Dotag, which does its part in saving the installer’s time, when all you need to do is click on the products used in the installation. Here at Caupo, Dotag has increased materials sales. It has helped our sellers in supplying actual business solutions to our customers in addition to making product sales.

Dotag serves and develops without being heavy to use

– The Dotag customer service works well, and our partnership with Aki has always been seamless. They have provided a lot of tips to us, and we have then tipped Dotag. They have taken heed of our ideas for development. Installation teams have likewise provided feedback, which has been included in the development of Dotag on short notice.

– I have heard from customers that other software has been used, but from the installer’s perspective Dotag is the only one that really works in an easy-to-use way, Palviainen says.


Palviainen thinks that Dotag is an affordable solution in terms of time saved. When a worksite is completed, the documentation is finished at the same time. When using Dotag, there is no need for separate reporting afterwards.

– A significant benefit of Dotag is that it can create intermediate reports even if the work is unfinished. If a site supervisor for example wants to know something, an intermediate report specifying what has been done up until a certain date can be pulled up immediately.

– And if an installer notices that something has been done wrong, Dotag can be used to record the place and a picture, which can then be sent forward via email. This saves the trouble of explaining issues verbally. In this respect too, Dotag saves costs for all contractors.

Staying up to speed with Dotag

The product neutrality and ease of use of Dotag appealed to Palviainen when he wanted to become a partner.

– I wanted to be at the cutting edge of development. I have always been interested in electronic documentation and not having to explain manually what has been done and where. This is the most important thing for construction quality.

About the enterprise

Caupo Group Oy (CG PROFESSIONAL) is a Finnish developer and manufacturer of construction chemicals, construction supplies, and cleaning chemicals for professional use, possessing plenty of international expertise from working together with several manufacturers and partners in the construction chemicals industry.

Caupo’s product range includes e.g. joint and waterproofing sealants, firestop products, adhesives, professional aerosols, house sealants, tapes, supplies, specialist tools, and cleaning chemicals. The products are distributed through a reseller network operating all over Finland.