Do You Really Need 20 Features?

You don't need most of the features of your software. They're just ballast and makes your work more difficult. The construction industry -much like basically every other industry - has gone through many technological advances. Building materials are lighter yet stronger.

Application is faster and easier. Jobs are safer. But there is one thing that is quite stubborn to change. Paperwork. Even though the materials are becoming more and more efficient, paperwork just seems to be piling on. You win some efficiency on one end and lose it on the other. It’s a vicious circle. You know this. We know this. Everybody knows this.

Digitalization brings exciting, new and shiny technology

So, in order to reduce the amount of paper (which is not only inefficient but bad for the environment too), you find some companies that have worksite digitalization figured out. You are excited. Your team is excited. They can finally concentrate on what they do best. Not waste time and mental resources manually filling out reports. Especially since we all know that in the business world time=money. You quickly set up meetings with these companies and descend into a joyful daydream where everything just runs smoothly. But then you go to one of these meetings and reality sets in. Yes, these products are versatile. They really do help you digitalize your work. They have tens of features, all at your fingertips. But that’s the thing. Do you really need all those features?

Is something truly helpful just because it’s digital?

See, the thing with us software developers is that by the time the software is done, we know everything there is about it. Every tiny thing. And we think it’s just as easy for everyone else. But for you it’s really not that obvious. All you see are features and buttons and menus. Will all these really help you? Is it worth going digital if you will spend the same amount of time on the tablet as on filling out reports by hand? Sure, a to do list is awesome, it helps you track your daily progress. But do you really need it in your worksite software? What do you really need in such a software? Well, let’s see:

  • You need to be able to take photos.
  • To add marking to your photos.
  • To create reports automatically and
  • share them with team members.

If you think rationally about it, you don’t need to do lists. And you don’t need extensive attachments. What really matters for a business at the end of the day? Results under the bottom line. So if going digital doesn’t make you more efficient, is it worth it? And we haven’t talked about costs yet.

I made a 100.000 euro mistake

Paper is practically free. Software on the other hand has a monthly cost. So if it doesn’t make your team more efficient and it costs more, does it make sense to switch? It does, if you can find the right software for you. Pen and paper can have serious negative consequences. I should know. Before I founded Dotag, I used to work for a construction company. I was a foreman. Just like the members on your team. One day, on a worksite visit, I added some notes to a blueprint. But when I got back to the office, I couldn’t make out my own handwriting. Is it a 1 or a 7? I chose 7. It was a mistake. A mistake that cost more than 100.000 euros for the company.


I was sick to my stomach when meeting my supervisor. I was so afraid the mistake would cost me my job. It’s still a mystery to me why they didn’t fire me on the spot. If I could do it digitally, this would have never happened. This is why I founded Dotag. To help people like me. To help them work better, faster and easier. Simplicity is at the heart of Dotag. And if you’ve read this far, maybe it’s the right tool for you. Dotag is simple, easy to use. It only has the features you really need. And it’s dirt cheap. You’re more than welcome to try it out, just click the link below.

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