A Digital Innovation in the Construction Industry to Make Pen and Paper Redundant

By supporting the development of the dotag app, you will accelerate the digital leap in the construction industry. The crowdfunding campaign starts on 1 december 2020.

The story of Dotag, the app to replace stacks of paper and pens in worksite documentation, began when Aki Vänskä mixed up the hand-written numbers one and seven while visiting a worksite. The consequent design error cost his then employer up to hundreds of thousands of euros. Vänskä himself got close to losing his job. After this incident, his mission has been to save the time of engineers by reducing the amount of printing and transcription that they have to do.

A renewed version of Dotag is entering the market in the spring of 2021. The application has been developed further in close cooperation with its current users in order to make the next version meet their actual requirements as well as possible.

The heart of the application is still the simple user interface that is familiar to all Dotag users. Based on customer interviews, we are introducing a bunch of new and asked-for features in the upcoming version. In the future, it will be possible to benefit for example from reclamation management, before and after installation reviews, and note commenting features. Dotag will also feature customised detailed marking tools, and it will be usable on iOS devices too. – says Vänskä

Traditional paper-based worksite documentation eats up a lot of time. Globally, we are speaking of up to a billion hours. Every enterprise relying on it is on thin ice. In the end, there are only two kinds of actors who collect worksite notes with a pen on paper. Those who have already mixed up their ones and sevens and made a mistake or error that cost them a large sum of money. And those who are about to make such a mistake. – he continues


Crowdfunding to leverage a global conquest

The Dotag development team is starting a crowdfunding campaign on 1 December 2020 that is intended to ensure that all of the functionalities desired by users can be incorporated into the new version.

Emboldened by the excellent feedback that they have received from the Finnish market, the Dotag team has also decided to take their innovation onto the world stage.

The funding is also intended to get international distribution started. The target is set at 40,000 euros, which is the sum that wasn’t quite reached during the previous financing round. By supporting the development, you will thus be involved in the acceleration of the digital leap in the construction industry both at home and abroad.

Crowdfunding campaign video for the Dotag app.

Dotage pre-launch page on Indiegogo.

More information about the Dotag app and the crowdfunding campaign:
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