3 Reasons Your Team Resists Change

Resistance to change is human nature. Most of us become uncomfortable from the smallest things, like changing desks. I know I am.

Did you know, that in medieval times some people even opposed the consumption of coffee?  It’s true. Coffee. The first thing we reach for every morning.  So if you find that your team isn’t very open to new technology, know that it’s an entirely normal process.   There are many reasons why people resist changes to new technology. We’ve gathered the 3most popular reasons and I’ll show you how to overcome them, too!  Is that a sigh of relief I hear?  Excited? Let’s dig in.

1. Fear of the unknown

What does this mean? Well, it basically means that they don’t know anything about the new technology.   And they are not confident they possess the knowledge to learn it.   Think about it. When was the last time you had to do something you had no prior knowledge about?  What happened when you thought it? I’m willing to bet that your mind started racing. You came up with numerous scenarios in your head. Some were positive, but most were negative. At least this is my experience.  You haven’t even experienced the thing, yet your mind is starting to think about reasons why it might be bad.  And the irony? Most of the time, it turns out to be good.   If this is the case, then why do we continuously fear what we don’t know. It’s because of reason 2.

2. Not being consulted

Noboby likes things they have no control over. Especially lower down the chain of command.  How would you feel if your boss decided something that directly concerns you – without first consulting with you?  It’s a lack of respect. If your foremen are the ones who will be using your new software, you have to consult with them first.   That way, they will feel respected, they will have more information and will be more open to trying out new technologies.  Communication is key, because without proper communication you can find yourself with teammates resisting chage for reason 3.

3. Unclear on the need for change

Don’t just try to shove your ideas down your team’s throat, explain it to them in detail.  You are the CEO of the company. It makes perfect sense that you want your workflow to be as efficient as possible. But your team may not see it that way.  Let’s say you know that going digital, you can save a few hours per worksite visit. One employee might not see it as a reason to change. But when you explain to them, that that would actually mean 40+ hours per month, or 40 less hours of tedious work, they will be more than happy to give it a shot.

There are many more reasons why you can find your team frowning at the idea of going digital. Some of those might include: threat to their status, not trusting management, they think it’s too hard to learn, etc.  I feel your pain. But luckily for you,

We Figured Out the Perfect Onboarding Process

The traditional model looks something like this:

Not very employee centric. Just look at the frustration on Juuso’s face.  Our process however, looks like this:

Just look at those smiling faces. But seriously, our method works like this.  First, we choose a few people on your team who will try out the new software. They start using the software and start comparing it to their previous methods.  In the meantime they also recieve incentive rewards to help them remain engaged with the new technology.  This is when other coworkers start asking about what they are doing and start asking you why they can’t use it.   With our model, you just basically have to win over a few people, the others will follow.

What’s Next?

You know that digitalization is important for your business.  By now you also know the three most common reasons your employees are opposed to new technology.  I also showed you a way to counter those reasons. So what now?  Let’s see how DOTAG can help you!


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